Halve Waste initiative on track to setting new standard on waste reduction

By MRA Consulting Group

The goal of Halve Waste is to reduce the waste to landfill by 50% by 2020. A major step in achieving this is the target to reduce waste landfilled at AWMC to 75,000 tonnes per year by 2018 financial year end. We’re at the half-way point and this looks like being achieved.

Organics BinIn fact, if the downward trend continues to June 2018, then Halve Waste will have well and truly achieved its target 50% reduction in waste from households buried at the landfill. By June 2018 the reductions will be close to 55%.

This achievement is outstanding. No other council area across the state is achieving such massive improvements in landfill diversion.  Halve Waste achievements are largely due to the reduction in waste from households. The community have rallied behind the Halve Waste Initiative with in a 90% take up of the FOGO service with 50,000 households participating across Albury, Wodonga, Indigo and Federation council areas.

And residents have produced the highest quality compost with the lowest levels of contamination in the State. So far, the contamination rate has been less than 1% overall!

To date the service generated over 45,000 tonnes of food and garden organics, all of which is being recycled into much needed compost for farms.

For more information, visit the Halve Waste website halvewaste.com.au or email us at education@halvewaste.com.au.

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