MRA appointed to the LGP118 Waste Audit Management Services Panel

By MRA Consulting Group

MRA was recently appointed to the new LGP118 Waste Audit Management Services Panel that commenced on 1 May 2018.

PrintThis panel was earlier managed by NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Department. MRA was appointed to that panel as well. All NSW councils, county councils, approved NSW Government agencies and approved non-for-profit organisations may access this arrangement.

Audits through the GP118 Waste Audit Management Services Panel panel can cover all parts of the waste stream, including municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, construction and demolition waste, multi-unit dwellings and/ or single unit dwellings and various recycling streams.

Audits can include visual assessment or physical sorting, weighing, data analysis and waste audit reporting.  They may be source based, depending on the context and purpose.  Waste audits can be stand-alone projects for data collection or may form part of larger studies involving public places, an industry, or policy review.For further queries on MRA’s audit services please contact Virginia Brunton on 02 8541 6169. For queries relating to the panel, please contact LGP directly.