MRA commits to working with Waste Aid Australia

By MRA Consulting Group

MRA is excited to announce our donation of 200 hours of pro bono consulting services to Waste Aid Australia, an Australian not-for-profit organisation formed in response to the lack of adequate waste management services in remote and disadvantaged communities.

waste aid logo [Converted] TinaWaste Aid Australia partners with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to reduce adverse environmental health impacts by creating long-term sustainable waste management solutions which bring in, and skill-up, the communities’ own expertise and ideas.

Waste Aid works alongside remote communities with a number of partners including the NSW EPA, Aboriginal Affairs NSW, NSW Rural Fire Service and Maranguka/Bourke Aboriginal Community Working Party.

The recent projects with Aboriginal communities in Bourke and Enngonia illustrate some of the positive outcomes achieved so far. New rubbish bins were provided to every household while bulky and illegally dumped waste was removed. To underpin the new infrastructure a number of educational activities were delivered including composting seminars and guidance around health and safety in handling bins. The community participated in ‘Paint the Bin’ days, where new bins were painted with stencils prepared by a local Aboriginal artist.

MRA looks forward to partnering with Waste Aid and supporting projects that will provide positive health and social outcomes for remote and disadvantaged communities in Australia.

Watch this space for updates on MRA’s work with Waste Aid Australia.

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Image credit: Sarah Chisolm