MRA in the news

By MRA Consulting Group

MRA is actively engaging in the waste management debate and this week has seen two of our own being extensively quoted on national newspapers.

The Financial Review has reported on MRA’s submission to the ACCC on the proposed merging of Bingo and DADI, quoting Mike Ritchie on the expected positive outcomes of the merger in terms of improved recovery rates for C&I waste in Sydney: “…if the ACCC approved the transaction it would be positive in a number of respects, and neutral in a range of others. But it would likely accelerate the sorting and recycling of mixed commercial waste.”

Earlier on, the Sydney Morning Herald caught up with David Cocks at Waste Expo Australia, giving him a chance to reiterate the fact that source separated recyclables are not landfilled, despite the fall in commodity prices due to China’s National Sword banning the importation of recyclables.

David seized the opportunity to remind readers “…that in the midterm Australia needed to develop its glass and plastic reprocessing capacity, governments needed to introduce purchasing policies to increase demand for recycled materials, and container deposit schemes should be introduced in all states.” The article also made it on the front page of the print version of The Age in Melbourne.