MRA presents at WasteMINZ 2018 Conference

By MRA Consulting Group

The annual WasteMINZ Conference (5-8 November 2018) is wrapping up in Christchurch at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand and Mike was amongst the first to present on its second day.

Mike outlined the challenges and impacts of China’s National Sword policy on local recycling markets and described the industry’s current and potential responses.

Mike’s presentation ‘China National Sword – Issues and responses’ is available here.

Mike was later joined by Duncan Wilson (Eunomia) and Pete Shmigel (ACOR), in a panel discussing the future of recycling.

Mike’s takeaway message was that “Recycling [still] matters – both in terms of resources and climate change. The recycling market is in the process of correcting as demand from China has fallen. That is an efficient market working properly. Supply will equal demand at a new (albeit lower) price for recycled commodities. Keep recycling.”

On November 7th, Mike presented on ‘Energy from Waste – What’s possible and why is it necessary?’ and took part in a relevant panel with Dr Marc Stammbach (HZI Australia) and Andy Street (SLR Consulting).

Mike’s presentation ‘Energy from Waste – What’s possible and why is it necessary?’ is available here.

Wrapping up MRA’s presence later that day, Jess Braun focused on ‘Busting FOGO myths’.

Jess’ presentation is available here.