NSW Landfill Consolidation and Environmental Improvement grants

By MRA Consulting Group

EPA logo 2017The NSW EPA has opened the $13 million landfill consolidation grants program under the NSW Government Waste Less Recycle More initiative (WLRM).

The new grants support regional and rural councils in addressing identified environmental issues posed by landfill activities including end of life, site security and access, separation of materials and overall supervision. The program also contributes to minimising adverse impacts on human health as well as the environment through improving overall landfill operations.

Eligible applicants

Funding per applicant Project requirements Closing date
 Local councils in the regional regulated area and non-regulated area, Regional waste groups, Regional organisations of councils.Note: councils in the metropolitan levy areas (MLA) are not eligible for this grant.
  • Up to $200,000 per stream.
  • Up to 70% of eligible costs.

The remaining 30% must be covered by the applicant’s in-kind or financial contributions.

  • Applicants may apply to both stream 1 and stream 2 (separate applications required)
  • Previous recipients of Landfill Consolidation grant funding may apply for further funding.
Stream 1: Landfill closure and/or establishment of transfer station

Stream 2: Environmental Improvements at landfill or existing transfer station

What will be funded?

Stream 1:

  • Full closure
  • Part closure
  • Eq Equipment hire costs for closure works
  • Fencing to enclose the site
  • Establishment of transfer station and associated works (i.e. if landfill was closed under previous rounds or will be closed under this round)
  • Demountables
  • Signage
  • Internal road improvements

Stream 2:

  • Equipment hire costs for undertaking improvement works
  • Fencing at the site
  • Litter control
  • Site security
  • Stormwater or sedimentation controls and improvements (not collection systems)
  • Waste material separation infrastructure (e.g. bollards)
  • Demountables
  • Signage
  • Internal road improvements

What will not be funded?

Works that have already commenced, land acquisition, operational training, equipment purchase and maintenance costs, operational expenses, stormwater/leachate systems.

5PM Thursday 14th of March, 2018

MRA has submitted more than 200 WLRM grant applications to date, winning more than $60m in funding for our clients. In the previous rounds of Organics Market Development grants MRA delivered 8 projects in partnership with clients with a value totalling over $850,000.

If your organisation is interested in any of the above grant programs, please contact meredith@mraconsulting.com.au or call 02 8541 6169. MRA can provide a one-stop shop to maximise your chances of success.

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