Grant opportunities in WA, NSW and Australia-wide

A few grants and funding opportunities have recently opened around the country. See below for details or contact MRA for further information.


Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence4/8/20Invitation to to submit a partnering proposal to establish a Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence (CoE)
National Product Stewardship Investment Fund21/8/20Grants of up to $1 million for projects that:
1. accelerate work on new product stewardship schemes and/or
2. improve rates of recycling across new and existing schemes


Combating Illegal Dumping: Clean-up and Prevention Program31/7/20The Combating Illegal Dumping: Clean-up and Prevention Program grants support local councils, public land managers and community groups to identify local illegal dumping sites and implement prevention and clean-up action on publicly managed land.
AWT Local Council Transition Fund11/8/20A response to the EPA’s decision to revoke the general and specific Resource Recovery Orders and Resource Recovery Exemptions for the application of Mixed Waste Organic Outputs (MWOO).
Assists local councils to keep providing sustainable, reliable and affordable kerbside services that maximise recovery.
Supports strategic planning, options assessment and the transitioning to sustainable waste management services that maximise the amount and quality of organics recovered.
Organics Infrastructure Fund3/9/20Available funding streams in this round:
Stream 1: Organics Processing Infrastructure
Provides funding for new and enhanced infrastructure to process food, garden or combined food and garden organics from households and/or businesses.
Stream 5: Transfer Stations
Provides funding for the capital costs relating to infrastructure and equipment to establish new or upgrade existing transfer stations so that they can also be used as transfer stations for food (or food and garden) organics.


Plastic & Tyre Processing EOI17/8/20– $15m grant funding to support local processing of plastics and tyres.
– $5m worth of industrial zoned land for processing infrastructure.
– State funds will be matched by the Commonwealth.
– State funding to be matched or exceeded by industry investment.
– Projects in regional and remote Western Australia are encouraged.

MRA has submitted more than 200 grant applications to date, winning more than $60m in funding for our clients.

We can provide a one-stop shop to maximise your chances of success and can assist by:

  • Preparing grant proposals on your behalf;
  • Reviewing grant proposals;
  • Source equipment providers;
  • Provide costings on infrastructure;
  • Prepare the business case; and
  • All of the necessary financial feasibility analysis requirements.

If your organisation is interested in any of the above grant programs, please contact Emma Yuen on or on 0416 474 642 or or on (02) 8541 6169.

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