Creating economic wealth from emissions reduction – a case study of recycling

The waste and recycling industry contributes close to 3% of Australia’s direct emissions. However, recycling abates much more by capturing the embodied energy of the recovered materials.

We can create a more sustainable Australia by reducing emissions, increasing recycling and growing new green jobs.

Carbon abatement- the waste sector can do much more

Projections show Australia is very unlikely to meet its current 2030 carbon reduction targets, with recent reports of increasing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from all sectors other than the electricity and agriculture industries.

Australia needs to do more and the waste and recycling sector can lead the charge in emissions reduction.

The science is in. Again.

The news on our climate is not good as the recently released CSIRO and BOM report confirm the continued warming of Australia’s climate and oceans: “Observations and climate modelling paint a consistent picture of ongoing, long‑term climate change interacting with underlying natural variability.”

MRA Consulting Group leads the industry into ‘Zero Carbon’

By Julien Gastaldi – Business Development Manager, MRA Consulting Group MRA Consulting Group (MRA) is proud to announce that it has successfully helped clients gain six abatement contracts with the Australia Government in the third Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), which took place on the 27th and 28th of April. These projects will consequently allow the…

What does Paris mean for carbon and waste in Australia?

As you are no doubt aware, Australia, along with the global community, has finally committed to limit anthropogenic global warming to less than a 2 degree increase (with a 1.5 degree increase as an aspirational target). Australia has a chequered history in respect of climate change policy and it is a brave person who would…

Carbon credits for source separated organics – are you eligible?

The Department of the Environment has finally released a draft of the Source Separated Organic Waste Determination for public consultation today. Generate ACCUs for diverting organic waste from landfill The Source Separated Organics Method allows organisations to gain ACCU credits for activities that involve the diversion of organic material from landfill. Abatement is calculated as…