Sustainability Victoria- Bioenergy grants

Sustainability Victoria recently opened the Bioenergy Infrastructure Fund grants offering a total of $750,000 in funding for government organisations (including state, local and federal), community organisations, businesses and social enterprises over two streams; Infrastructure and Business case or feasibility/technical study.

ALP War on Waste policy a step in the right direction

MRA’s Mike Ritchie has welcomed the recently released NSW ALP War on Waste policy to invest waste levy funds back into the circular economy.

The Recycling and War on Waste policy released by Michael Daley
and Penny Sharpe is an important step towards creating the circular economy and
achieving a more sustainable balance between the economy and the environment”

Seeking waste recycling site

MRA, on behalf of a client, is seeking an industrial site in Sydney. Features: 500 – 1,500sqm shed 500 – 1,000sqm hard stand Preference for existing recycling or waste management development approvals For long term lease Access required for heavy vehicles Western Sydney – from Milperra West Our client will pay market rate. If you…