Waste management facilities are not the same as shopping centres

The Federal ban on exports of recyclables requires that over 100 new processing facilities be built to process the 1.3MT of recyclables that we previously exported.

Getting approval for waste facilities can be hard, expensive and time consuming. Esther Hughes provides a few pointers for making the process as painless as possible.

NSW Fast Track Planning Approvals

Getting a planning approval for a waste facility is a long and excruciating process, especially in NSW.

Now, the NSW Government is trying to combat the economic downturn brought about by COVID-19 by cutting down red-tape to speed up the planning process and stimulate the construction industry.

Planning and Approvals capabilities in high demand

MRA’s Planning and Approvals team is going from strength to strength. “With the introduction of the PoEO (Waste) Regulation changes in late 2014, we have seen a surge in clients seeking to ensure their regulatory house is in order. We have successfully completed a number of development and licence applications for new and existing waste…