Update to NSW Waste Facilities’ Financial Assurance Requirements

The NSW EPA has developed a draft financial assurance policy and guideline to ensure that those responsible for pollution or contamination pay the costs of clean-up or remediation.

The EPA now invites interested parties to provide feedback on these documents that detail when the EPA will require financial assurance and how to estimate these financial assurances.

MRA has prepared a submission on the Draft Policy and Draft Guideline. We believe it represents commonly held views within the industry, but we are very open to comment and feedback.

Planning and Approvals capabilities in high demand

MRA’s Planning and Approvals team is going from strength to strength. “With the introduction of the PoEO (Waste) Regulation changes in late 2014, we have seen a surge in clients seeking to ensure their regulatory house is in order. We have successfully completed a number of development and licence applications for new and existing waste…