It’s time for Queensland Labor to reintroduce a landfill levy

More than a week after the Queensland election, current predictions are for a Labor majority. At the same time, the NSW EPA has told a NSW parliamentary inquiry that the scale of waste transport to Queensland is far higher than previously believed. An eye-watering 830,000 tonnes was transported in 2016/17, largely by rail, almost double the 430,000 tonnes transported in the previous year.

NSW Container Deposit Scheme in a nutshell

Friday 17th March, marked the deadline for tender submissions to operate the NSW Container Deposit Scheme (CDS). Next steps will be the appointment by the Minister of the Scheme Coordinator and Network Operators in June 2017. By 1 December 2017, over 430 Collection Points need to be established. This article sets out the basics of the Scheme.

Bin Trim rebates for SME recyclers

The NSW EPA has released new opportunities for Bin Trim Rebates under the $465.7 million NSW Government Waste Less Recycle More initiative (WLRM). The rebates provide a new opportunity to SME recyclers (collectors and processors) to deliver new or enhanced services to their small and medium businesses clients. The rebate funding is summarised below: Grant…

NSW Council amalgamations and the waste contract pathway

By Dr Ron Wainberg – Technical Director and Kiera Crosariol – Environmental Consultant, MRA Consulting Some NSW councils are about to amalgamate; as a result, the councils affected will have to plan for eventual integration of their residential and commercial waste services. Waste management often represents the largest long term contractual commitment for a Local…