Saving kerbside recycling

It has now been over a year since China introduced its National Sword policy to restrict the importation of kerbside recyclable materials from the rest of the world. The purpose of the policy was to increase the recovery of domestically generated recyclables within China and further boost its own manufacturing. The new rule is a 0.5% contamination rate in Australian exported material. Few Australian Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) were built for that level of purity.

WLRM grants available through the first months of 2017

by MRA Consulting Group As the NSW EPA’s WLRM extension has been announced, many grant packages are winding down, however there are still a few grant streams that are open: Resource Recovery Facility Expansion and Enhancement ($13.9million awarded to date); Organics Market Development – Stream 1: Product Quality ($189,000 awarded to date); and Community Litter…